AJAX using JavaScript Libraries jQuery and Axios – FreeCourseSite

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AJAX using JavaScript Libraries jQuery and Axios – FreeCourseSite

Learn how to make AJAX requests from the most popular JavaScript libraries including jQuery and Axios

What Will I Learn?

AJAX using JavaScript Libraries jQuery and Axios – FreeCourseSite

  • Get and post data using AJAX
  • Use jQuery AJAX functionality
  • Use Axios AJAX functionality
  • Build applications using AJAX
  • Send data and receive responses and output response content


  • JavaScript and Web development
  • Web editor
  • Internet Access


Learn about AJAX and how to make requests for data using jQuery or Axios. These are the two most popular libraries that make AJAX easy to add and work with within JavaScript.  They solve the problem of cross-browser differences in XHR requests and provide a seamless easy to apply experience when using AJAX

Once you start using jQuery or Axios for AJAX you will see how easy AJAX can be to add to your web pages.

With options for getting and POST both provide an easy way for AJAX.

The course provides several examples of how to connect to web APIs and retrieve data for your web applications.

jQuery provides a powerful easy to use library which is famous for making AJAX easy.  Explore how you can use this most popular JavaScript library to do more with less coding.  not only is AJAX easy with jQuery it’s also extremely easy to update your page elements and add event listeners.  Why not try jQuery and do something amazing online!

Axios provides a seamless AJAX approach that works off promises.   Using the JavaScript XHR object is a powerful but really lightweight option for bringing AJAX into your projects.  This library is popular and easy to get started with.  Using Axios to power your AJAX requests and combined with plain JavaScript to update the DOM the course provides several examples of how to implement it and use it within your code.

Friendly responses in the Q&A to help you learn further and clarify course content if needed.

Taught by an instructor with many years of web development experience ready to help you learn more about AJAX

What are you waiting for join now and start learning AJAX today?

AJAX using JavaScript Libraries jQuery and Axios

  Who is the target audience?

  • Web developers who want to practice AJAX
  • JavaScript Developers who want to use jQuery or Axios libraries for easy AJAX
  • Anyone who wants a quick and easy way to make AJAX requests
  • GraphQL with React Course

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